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Making a Bow & Arrow, a Quiver and Buckskin
DVD 20 Minutes
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Hunting was crucial to the life of the Lenape Indians of the late woodland period.


Dr. Guthrie shows how the Lenape made a bow, arrows and a quiver, the implements necessary for hunting deer and other creatures. See how buckskin was produced to be used for clothing and other items. Deer were of the utmost importance to the Lenape during the late woodland period and were the primary source for many things essential to their very survival.


The Lenape Indians fashioned very effective weapons and implements necessary for hunting and for processing the meat and hides of their quarry. You will see these implements and tools actually utilized in the step-by-step process of tanning a hide, using only natural materials, to turn a fresh deer skin into leather suitable for clothing, moccasins and other useful items.


The ancient Lenape tale of "The Hunter and the Owl", told by Dr. Guthrie, will help you better understand the relationship between the Lenape and wildlife.

No actual hunting scenes are shown in this program.

Copyright: By Dr. William D. Guthrie and Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

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