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From the Field, Forest and Water
What's for dinner?
DVD 20 Minutes
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What were the typical foods available to the Lenape Indians during the Late Woodland Period? How were they prepared and were they really tasty?


Only materials, utensils and containers available in the Late Woodland Period are used to help the viewer to accurately understand how the Lenape prepared their food and how they lived off the land and the water resources.

Using authentic stone, clay, gourd and wood-fashioned utensils and containers, Dr. Guthrie demonstrates the process of different food preparations, including foods like gruel, boiled bread, planked fish, nut milk, venison jerky and various dried vegetables. 


A captivating, mythical Indian legend relating to this specific program takes the viewer into the world of the Lenape Indians.

Copyright: By Dr. William D. Guthrie and Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

Lenape DVD