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Making a Flute, Drums and Rattles
DVD 20 Minutes
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Music, dancing and storytelling were always a very important part of the Native American culture. What kind of music instruments did they use, what did they sound like and what were they made of?


To the Lenape Indians, music, dancing and storytelling were integral parts of their lives, an expression of who they were and what they believed.

Dr. Guthrie will show you how the instruments were made and used in a step by step demonstration. Listen to rattles, drums and flutes which were made from natural materials. The Lenape traditions, inextricably interwoven and passed down from generation to generation, a history of a people... their knowledge, their experiences, their beliefs and their legends.

Dr. Guthrie concludes by telling a captivating, mythical Indian legend, relating to this specific program, taking the viewer into the world of the Lenape Indians.


Copyright: By Dr. William D. Guthrie and Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

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