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Building a Fire, Homes & Shelter, making Clothing
DVD 20 Minutes
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How did the Lenape protect themselves against the cold, wind and rain? What materials were used to produce their clothing? Why was fire so important and how did they build it having only primitive tools?


Dr. Guthrie takes you to a rock shelter that had been used by the Lenape Indians at one time. You will learn about the primitive tools which were made of natural materials. A stone ax for example was used for cutting trees for firewood and for the construction of their homes.

What did a typical home look like? Dr. Guthrie will take you inside a Lenape home and will explain how they lived. The appreciation and respect for the wildlife which shared their environment was a great concern of the Lenape Indians. Not only did they depend upon the meat for food but also needed various animal parts for many other uses, such as the skins and hides for clothing and blankets, and the bones and antlers for tools.

Dr. Guthrie concludes by telling a captivating, mythical Indian legend, relating to this specific program, taking the viewer into the world of the Lenape Indians.


Copyright: By Dr. William D. Guthrie and Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III

Lenape DVD