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Limited Edition Prints
A selection of
Leonard Lee Rue III's
Limited Editon Prints.

Choose from White-tailed Deer, Cougar, Red Fox and Elk or, the all-time favorite, the portrait of Leonard Lee Rue III holding a wolf pup.

Limited Edition Prints are only printed once and only a certain number of prints are available.

All prints are signed by
Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III
and are numbered.

Approx. 16 x 20 inches.

Wildlife Posters
Posters for under $10.00 shipping included!
Offer for USA shipping only.

Kids love animals. A great gift idea for a child's birthday and a fantastic bargain!

A real deal when decorating your kids' rooms, a church nursery, dorm rooms, or any room that needs artwork, while staying within a very affordable budget.
Posters are approximately
16 x 20 inches.

Polar Bear, Bald Eagles, White-tailed Deer, Baby Grizzly Bear, Swans, Owl, Elephant and much more.